Areas of Interest

Anxiety and Depression – I admire the strength of the individuals who have shared with me the influence of anxiety and depression on their lives.  Together we have shared creative stories about the times when they have been able to stand up to anxiety and depression in order to hold on to something important to them.  I find the relationship that we have with anxiety and depression intriguing and am thankful for all that I have learned from those who have faced these in their lives.

Fertility/Infertility, Pregnancy, and entering into parenthood - Over time I have walked through the roller coaster of many different fertility treatments with the folks who come to meet with me, including donor selection, intrauterine insemination, intra-cervical insemination and in vitro fertilization.  I am familiar with many local resources that are helpful with these.  I admire the dedication to the process that I have witnessed as well as the stamina for “hanging in there” with all the complicated emotions.

Foster Care, Residential Treatment, Child Welfare, and Reunification – In my work with foster children and kids in residential care, I meet with many brave kids. We’ve worked together to find homes where they are comfortable living and found ways to overcome many of the hurdles or stressors in their lives. Sometimes it has been helpful for these kids to meet one another. In these cases, I have led support groups where they can talk about their experiences. More recently, I have worked as a family therapist for families referred to me through the Department of Human Services.  These families include families in which a child is at risk of being removed from the home due to alleged or founded child abuse or neglect and the child is actively being considered for substitute care, families in which a child is residing in substitute care and could be returned home sooner if safety issues were improved, families in which foster children reside who are experiencing difficulties with adjustment that may jeopardize the placement, and families in which visitation or other case planning issues exist. In these situations I work collaboratively with as many family members as are comfortable being a part of our meetings.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Issues – My practice in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer community has introduced me to many vibrant people. Most recently, I have volunteered at SMRYC (  Here, I have had countless opportunities to talk with individuals and families about the creative ways of overcoming heterosexism and homophobia. Many of our conversations have included the coming out process (at home, school and/or work), building a community, relationships issues, and/or creating a family. I have presented on panels regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer issues and am familiar with current social and political concerns/celebrations in this community.

Gender and Transgender Issues – My work in this area is influenced by the courageous transgender folk who have shared their stories with me. In addition to learning from the wise people who have met with me, I have attended trainings put on by SMYRC and Gender Odyssey ( I am familiar with local resources and comfortable collaborating with schools, hospitals, and other service providers.

Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault – After working at a rape crisis center for nine months, volunteering at a domestic violence shelter for six months and completing a 40 hour training put on by Clackamas Women’s Services ( regarding the movement against domestic violence, I continue to be in awe of the strength of those individuals who take a stand against violence, especially in a culture and media that increasingly models it. My work in this area is guided by discussions of accountability, culture, socialization, and preferred ways of being.

Charlotte Redway, LCSW

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